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Working Hours In Accordance With the UAE Federal Law

The working Hours

In accordance together with the U.A.E Federal Law No. 8 of 1980

Each and each employee should be aware of his/her exact working hours which awareness should be in accordance using the provisions on the law governs the worker`s, learning the legal will assist the employee to become more productive as the worker will be your suitable environment that may support him/her being more successful and that can increase his eagerness to figure as the worker will be having his full rights.

Some employers take advantages on the employees whorrrre not fully aware in the law by building extra hours with their original without having them an overtime and… etc. our mission this is to help the workers to understand their rights.

We will show some questions that may help the employee to comprehend everything related.

Q No. (1) what’s the maximum daily working hours?

The maximum daily is eight hours and two days per week in a few circumstances it could be 9 hours. The change can be achieved by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, As states in Article 65: “The maximum normal for adult workers should be eight hours inside the day, two days in the week. They could be increased to nine hours each day in commercial establishments, hotels, cafeterias, security services and the like other businesses as could be added by resolution from the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. The daily working hours could possibly be reduced by resolution from the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, within the case of arduous or health-hazardous work. Two over the month of Ramadan shall decrease the normal working hours. The periods spent using a worker in traveling between his home and set of work shall stop included in his working hours”.

Q No. (2): is there a regulations with the working hours?

The employee shall not work with more than five successive hours, there has to be a break for rest, praying knowning that break shall not exceed an hour. However there’s an exception mentioned from the Article No. 66 for your night shift employees which states that: ” The daily working hours should be so regulated that no worker shall work with more than five successive hours without breaks – for rest, meals and prayer- amounting in aggregate to never less than 60 minutes. Such breaks shall ‘t be included as part from the working hours

However, in factories and workshops where effort is organised within the form of successive nighttime and daytime shifts, plus in processes where work must continue uninterrupted for technical and economic reasons, the style in which breaks for rest, meals and prayer are to become granted will likely be specified in a resolution from the Minister”

Q No. (3) Can the daily working hours be amended?

Yes the running hours may be amended depending on the work needs and also the extra hours should be treated as “overtime” and it will likely be paid because of the employer to the staff in accordance together with the percentage mentioned inside Article No. 67 which states: “Where the project circumstances call for a worker to be effective more than the conventional number of hours, any period worked in excess will likely be treated as overtime, that the worker shall obtain the wage stipulated for his normal working hours, along with a supplement with a minimum of 25 per cent of the wage”.

Q No. (4) is there a overtime and would it make a difference whether or not this was at 24 hours a day?

The Overtime would be the extra hours that the worker spends for the establishment of his work after exceeding his daily working hours.

If the worker stayed after his working hours between 9:00 P:M to 4:00 A.M. he will likely be entitled to percentage mentioned in Article No. 68 which states: “Where the effort circumstances have to have a worker to be effective overtime between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. he will probably be entitled with respect of such overtime for the wage stipulated for his normal working hours, and also a supplement for at least 50 per cent of these wage”.

Q No. (5) what’s the maximum hours on the overtime?

The overtime shall not exceed couple of hours. However, if the task needs are urgently require over two hours it might be acceptable. As states in Article No. 69: “The variety of hours of actual overtime shall not exceed two per day, unless such tasks are essential for preventing an important loss or maybe a serious accident, or eliminating or alleviating the impact on the latter”.

Q No. (6) when would be the weekly rest day?

The weekly rest day is Friday as states in Article No. 70: “Friday should be the normal weekly rest day for those workers except the daily-paid. Where a worker has to get put on duty on that day, he will likely be compensated which has a substitute rest day or perhaps paid his basic wage for his normal hours of training plus a supplement for at least 50 per cent of this wage”

Q No. (7) is the regular employee is required to be effective without having the weekly rest day?

Only the daily- paid employee should be required to operate for a lot more than two successive Fridays as states in Article No. 71: “No worker besides a daily-paid will probably be required to be effective more than two successive Fridays”

Q No. (8) are these provisions abdicable to every one the workers categories?

There are exceptions on the aforementioned provisions as states in Article No. 72:” The provisions on this Section shall not apply towards the following categories: 1. Persons holding senior executive managerial or supervisory positions, if such positions confer upon the incumbents the powers of the employer over workers. The categories in question will be specified by resolution on the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

  1. Crew of marine vessels and seamen who serve under special conditions of service on account on the nature of the work, together with the exception of port workers engaged in stevedoring and related operations”.

Q No. (9) should employees working hours to get announced to everyone?

Yes, because the employer should announce the daily working hours for all the significant categories as well because weekly rest day to become known to everyone through the style stipulated by what the law states as states in Article No. 73:”The employer shall post up on the main entrances used because of the workers, plus in a conspicuous position for the workplace, a timetable showing the weekly day off, hours on the job and rest periods applicable to everyone classes of workers. A copy of the timetable will likely be filed using the competent labour department.